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Charged With A Felony, Misdemeanor Or Traffic Violation?

At Hostetter & Associates, we represent adult and juvenile clients facing criminal charges of all kinds. From felonies to traffic violations, we have the knowledge and experience to defend your rights. Our first goal is to see if we can get your charges dismissed; if that is not possible, we try to get your charges reduced and work toward the best possible resolution.

Felony And Misdemeanor Charges

In Indiana, misdemeanor convictions become part of your permanent criminal record. There are a number of minor crimes such as disorderly conduct and shoplifting that are misdemeanors in Indiana. Having a misdemeanor on your record can affect your ability to get a job, enter college or join the military.

To keep your record clean, we always explore options for getting the charges dropped. We look at everything from evidence of an unconstitutional arrest to exploring pretrial diversion programs that allow defendants to avoid criminal charges by doing community service or completing substance abuse programs.

If you do end up in court, our experienced attorneys will work to get your charges pled down and reduce your sentence.

Fraud And Other Financial Crimes

The attorneys at Hostetter & Associates have experience representing clients in a broad range of financial crimes. We understand that in addition to possible criminal penalties, these crimes can have a detrimental effect on your career and your reputation — even if you are found innocent. When you come to us, not only do we work to protect your rights with a solid defense strategy but we also work to help protect your reputation and prepare you for moving forward.

Defending Kids In Juvenile Court

Minors accused of crimes typically get lighter sentences than adults but can still end up in the juvenile court system. Indiana law allows juveniles to have legal representation from the initial detention hearing through the dispositional hearing, if it comes to that. Our skilled and experienced attorneys can help guide you through the juvenile court system and work hard to keep your child out of a state detention facility. When we represent minors, we are not just protecting their rights, we’re fighting to help keep families together.

Moving Violations And OWI Charges

Indiana has a BMV point system that issues demerit points for all traffic violations. The total number of demerits you’ve accumulated in the last ten years is used in setting your insurance rates and with enough demerits, you could lose your driver’s license. Even minor traffic violations add up over time, so it’s important to fight even minor violations.

Operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI) can result in not only the suspension of your license but a large fine and jail time as well. If you’re faced with OWI charges or traffic violations of any kind, our attorneys can help reduce charges and limit penalties.

Contact The Criminal Law Attorneys At Hostetter & Associates

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