Legal Practice Areas

The attorneys at Hostetter & Associates represent clients in a wide variety of legal area matters. The following list provides a brief description of a number of areas of law in which the attorneys regularly represent clients.
Representation of clients in matters involving various agencies of government, at a local, county, state, and federal level. Including in this representation is social security disability claims, OSHA violation appeals, property tax assessment appeals, various school discipline and suspension cases, and administrative matters before the Indiana Securities Commissioner.
Representation of clients involved in farming, livestock, or any of the services associated with farming or livestock. Included in this area in today's agriculture economy are crop sale agreements, land leases, and environmental regulation, including chemical use and accident issues.
Representation of clients in matters involving banking disputes, financial loan transactions, securities issuance, securities litigation, and other similar matters.
Representation of clients engaged in business either as sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations or limited liability companies. From initial start-up and formation, through dissolution of a business, our attorneys assist business owners in every aspect of their business, including all transaction agreements, financing, accounting, tax issues and buying and selling of those businesses.
Representation of clients involving all disputes of a civil nature, including contracts, real estate, construction, and business litigation.
Representation of builders, architects, and of individuals dealing with builders in all aspects of construction or litigation concerning construction for both residential and commercial projects.
Representation of clients in matters dealing with reviewing and drafting contracts for business and real estate matters.
Representation of clients who have been charged by the state of Indiana for any criminal matter, both felony and misdemeanor charges. Our attorneys have represented defendants charged with everything from A felonies, to financial crimes, down to minor speeding ticket infractions. This also includes the representation of juveniles in the juvenile court.
Representation of clients and their families in planning and implementation of not only Estate Planning, but also long term care, Medicaid, and other matters.
Representation of clients in aspects of divorce, paternity, guardianships, adoption, child support and custody.
Representation of various governmental entities, including local municipal governments, schools, libraries, and fire protection agencies.
Representation of clients that have been involved in accidents, dog bites, slip & falls, or other incidents which have resulted in injury to themselves or others.
Representation of clients in preparing wills, trusts, powers of attorney, health care declarations, and other items. It also includes the representation or assistance of family members in probating wills, contesting wills, or other proceedings necessary to fulfill the plans contemplated by the estate planning documents.
Representation in purchase or sale, other transfers of property, land contracts, leases, evictions, and other matters pertaining to real estate use or ownership.
Representation of clients with tax problems or other tax issues with the Indiana Department of Revenue or the Internal Revenue Service.
Representation of clients before the zoning boards of either a local municipality or a county board for the purposes of development, variances, annexation, or other issues.